In celebration of the annual FisherPoet’s Gathering, we present the ethereal watercolors of George Wilson, an artist who hails from a generational fishing family in Scotland. Wilson now resides in Portland where he continues his lifestyle and love of water through his watercolor paintings. He brings a new series of paintings that serve as visual poetry to places he’s been, reflecting shoreline and its ever changing edges that define and connect land to sea through ebb and flow of tide. About the series he states, Tides have brought me an understanding of timeless impermanence. I seek solace in the waters and in their truth: change is the constant. I am blessed by the waters at this time when the social, political and planetary tides stir our depths and ripple through our lives. 

Join us also Friday, February 22, 4 – 6 pm for a welcoming reception to the annual FisherPoet’s Gathering.

The exhibition will remain on view through March 5.

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