“Faces and figures inhabit all my paintings and when I try to stray from this subject something I can’t resist always calls me back. In my work I hope to elicit a statement about being human that is familiar, and also seems impossible to say as clearly or completely in other mediums.  Many of my paintings exhibited in this show are specific people:  a writer, a weaver, a poet, a child soldier, etc. and I hope to have imparted some degree of a palpable and potent humanity in these paintings. The idea of restricting myself to a human subject and the discipline that presenting such a subject imposes on the composition is something I value. When possible I seek to emphasize the geometric shapes formed by different part of the composition and bring out the abstract surface rhythms of the composition. Ultimately however, I’m striving for a balance between recording a human subject that is compelling and creating a paint surface on the canvas that engages and rewards the viewer.”   Reed Clarke

I heard that penguins have a way of huddling together when the temperature is especially cold and wind particularly fierce. They stay on their land and get close rather than seeking better weather conditions and abandoning each other or the territory. I like that. Connection brings growth and healing. In community we find strength. This speaks to the need humans have for one another. “A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.*” This piece “Sister” speaks to the out-stretched hand that extends no matter one's posture when we need healing or need to be brought back into fellowship. There are many days that shame would come to rob of connection, calling “turn away now, you are not worthy of this unity”, yet it is in this vulnerable state where our need for grace is most crucial so that the brightness may flow towards wholeness and healing continually. Grace is only a grab away if we want her close. Extend. (*Ecclesiastes 4:12)
Meghann Hanour