My structural sculptures are a means for me to explore my fascination with buildings and their relationships with time, elements, and nature. I find buildings that have character are far more satisfying to look at than pristine dwellings. I like to see the weathering of paint, wood,
stone, concrete, brick and mortar, as well as the power of nature to reclaim roofs with moss and plant life. Each piece is also populated with characters and creatures, perhaps new tenants who have taken up residence within the abandoned abodes in the absence of strictly human
inhabitants. Or it could be these individuals have lived there for some time–simply letting theproperty go a bit. 

Utilizing salvaged cardboard and mixed media techniques, I try to create environmentally conscious work. Being aware of my impact on the environment around me is a large part of my process. At the heart of my artwork, beyond the materials themselves that I implement; is the
focus and creation of my own mythos: concepts of nature, magical realism, character and place–ultimately constructing a sculptural narrative that is hopefully captivating for the viewer.

Dmitri Swain 2022