About this body of work for Imogen 2023

I first began working on images of leaves after a neighbor left a desiccated Dollar plant stuck to our front door as a silent greeting. It’s structure and transparency intrigued me. In 2000 I exhibited a few of the works shown at Imogen in 2023. 
I revisited this series by scanning the negatives to see how digital prints might differ from my original prints. You will be able to see both traditionally printed and digitally printed images on display. All images are based on film exposed around 2000.

I titled this exhibition “The Biopsy Revisited” after having a biopsy performed of my prostate. I saw these leaf samples — detached from their life source, some dead, some dying, other looking very much alive — as similar to a biopsy performed for medical evaluation. Both are based on living tissue. It is interesting to me how our personal experiences shape our perception of the world. 

Aaron Johanson