Wonder Lands
"Wonder Lands" serves as my love letter to the Pacific Wonderland that has shaped my artistic journey for decades. Through vibrant colors and intricate details, I hope to give a glimpse of the vivid beauty and natural marvels that grace Oregon's diverse geologies and landscapes—a place I am blessed to call home. Astoria, with its many vantage points, horizon lines and colors on display every day, is my eternal source of inspiration. 
Each piece began with a textured foundation, as echoes of nature's many forms. Through an air-trapping technique that captures, in a moment, the fleeting textures of molten wax, I am able to mimic the topographic contours of mountain peaks, winding rivers, rugged coastlines, and the ephemeral dance of clouds and light. The added interplay of oil paint over the luminescent layers of wax reveals depth upon depth. By coaxing out what I see within each of these unique surfaces and accentuating those aspects, hidden canyons, soaring cliffs, and the eternal presence of water are revealed. 
Creating these pieces was a meditative experience, where I immersed myself in the creative process and worked on multiple artworks simultaneously. Landscapes within landscapes, the process of making "Wonder Lands" drew me closer to the heart of nature and the beauty all around us.
My ultimate desire is for you to wander these intricate environments, to see the natural world around us and feel the wonder each creates within you. 
Elise Wagner
June 2024