Whatever May

Jennifer Mercede's abstract paintings consist of free flowing text, bright color fields, organic shapes and crazy energetic doodling. She is inspired by color, children's art, old school hip-hop flavor, graffiti, abstract expressionism and inner spirituality. Abstract compositions form intuitively, often bright neon colors and some recognizable imagery.  With deliberate subconscious, they reflect how she perceives the surrounding world.

Her painting process consists of gooey, dripping house paint, rapid scribbling markers, soft, sensitive lines kissed by colored pencil, and pens gauging into wood. To quote Mercede, "My art is spontaneous, it is just what happens.  It's what comes out of me, like an outpouring of consciousness."

This show is a combination of springy bold floral paintings and wildly expressive abstracts created by following whatever may lead me.

Jennifer Mercede