About Andrea—

I grew up in Northern Idaho with nature right outside the front door. I can’t help but be inspired by it! Getting out into the countryside is like a breath of fresh air; a healthy dose of vitamins for my farm girl soul. There is something about my family’s farm that is so revitalizing. Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter; any time of the year.

I have always had an affinity for animals of all kinds, but dogs and horses are very close to my heart. I enjoy the demands of accurately recreating a specific dog breed with all of its colors and markings. I love the challenge of giving one of my dogs or horses a “personality”.

Wool felting is rooted in nature; animals, plants, hands… So am I. This is a significant reason why I was drawn to the medium in the first place, and I’m pretty sure it is why I enjoy felting so much.

I strive to only use natural materials in the creation of my characters, the assembly of mobiles, and my packing materials. It is important for me to not only be inspired by nature, but to also do my part in conserving nature so that others may be inspired by it as well.

Felting Techniques—

In Needle Felting, I use a needle with tiny barbs to sculpt the shapes and figures that I need. I pierce tufts of raw wool hundreds (sometimes thousands) of times until I’ve achieved the desired result.

Wet Felting is a technique that involves continually rubbing wool fibers together with mild soap and warm water to form a firm felted object. Usually, this technique is used when I’m making a ball, table runner, or an area rug.