Kim Lakin
I like to challenge myself constantly to use materials in non-traditional ways- such as using silk, linen, string, yarn and thread for drawing and collage. I use traditional techniques such as simple coiling to create my recent work. Beginning with no preconceived ideas, my work is more about impressions…colors, the season, a pattern. It is a combination of rationality and emotion and constant questioning. Wonder and discovery is what motivates me to make my art.
The natural world is often a starting point. In an abstract manner, my work is inspired by river pilings, reeds on river banks, spider’s webs, rocks in the river, animal bones, shells, patterns in water, breaking wave patterns, vast expanses of sky in plains country, storm clouds over fields, airplane views of roads and rivers. One idea follows another.
Spiral Series: Intertidal #1,2,3, Celestial Bodies, Emergence The spiral and the circle are archetypal forms referring to cycles and enduring life structures. These universal forms occur in nature from ocean floor to the celestial.

Karen Thurman
I love working with fiber. My inspiration comes from the medium itself – the transformation of fiber into felt - and the natural world around me.  Felt lends itself well to color, pattern, shape, whimsy, and humor – all of which I incorporate into my work to bring some levity into this world.

Jenny Rideout
My latest body of work, "Sails, Freq Flags, and Bonnets for Space Exploration" evolved out of an imagining I had of a majestic old tall ship.  I saw intricate patchwork sails, maneuvering the ship elegantly and powerfully along the constantly shifting surface of the ocean.  In my vision the sails were covered in colorful mends, mysterious symbols, sigils, and patterns. The resulting sails are meditations on power, creativity, and the culmination of experiences alchemized for maximum propulsion.
 As I continued to play with this idea, I realized I needed bonnets for my crew.  Utilizing more found materials from various time streams, I created headwear.  "Bonnets for Space Exploration" point to inner archetypes that are at once ancient and futuristic.
 Finally, I wanted to ground the explorations of my ship with “Freq Flags”.  "Freq Flags", (or frequency flags) are inspired by burgees, small flags flown on sea faring vessels to indicate home port.  Also inspired by ancient abstract tantric art, they are meant to be deeply grounding yet brightly expansive at the same time. They are about holding one’s home frequency even while in the midst of wild exploration.
 I use India ink and acrylic paint to embellish constructions made of quilts beyond repair, used drop cloths, old curtains, and various other found textiles. The resulting stitched together assemblages are talismans for interesting times.

Pamela Chipman
As a multi-media interdisciplinary artist, working with photo-based imagery, video, and installation, I am exploring the emotional experience of being female, both individually and collectively through symbolic storytelling. I was brought up in a generation where there were rapidly expanding views on what it meant to be a female in America. Along with changing attitudes came changing opportunities. No longer were our roles confined to that of beauty star, prostitute, nurse, teacher and mother. With advancements in automation, refrigeration, and transportation, came liberation from the domestic duties that kept many women in the home. Now our battles are different. We are learning how to compete for equal opportunities, compensation, respect, and advancement.
I want to pay tribute to the pioneering women who have put their lives on the line to move our communities forward by creating opportunity, justice, knowledge, art, and enlightenment for others. My work is about finding our beauty, our strengths, our power and our graces. My hope is that this will inspire future generations to continue the work to support each other and find solutions to the adversities that plague women throughout history.