Bethany Rowland

The Long View, Up Close

Bethany Rowland returns with a new series of paintings, inspired by her love of landscape and the raptors that inhabit its skies. Having just recently completed her second artist residency at PLAYA, located in eastern Oregon at Summer Lake, she found herself immersed in a vast landscape drastically differing from the Douglas fir forests of her home, west of the Cascades. The long and sweeping views brought her focus to the immense skies and its inhabitants. Her careful observation of Red Tailed Hawks, soaring high to scour the land far below for prey, noting the stillness of a Great Horned Owl perched but alert, and the impossible aerodynamic show put on by Kestrels hunting. Her work is a perfect blend of realism and abstraction, with subtle nuance of brush stroke she crafts composition lending to the mysticism of landscape and animals she honors. The exhibition will be on view through August 6.

Imogen Gallery

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