The incredibly talented Bethany Rowland returns to Imogen Gallery for her fifth solo exhibition with her latest series of acrylic paintings, Mysterium. The exhibition opens during Astoria’s Second Saturday Artwalk, Saturday July 10 from noon – 8 pm. Rowland, known for her soulful paintings, once again delivers another deep and powerful series. In times of turmoil, Rowland has always looked to the natural world to find order. Within this collection she cultivates and shares contemplative peace and utilizing imagery of wildlife she offers suggestion of acceptance for the unknown. Believing in the sacredness of mystery, through her painting Rowland works “to gain an understanding of the unseen, to understand through other ways of knowing, through observation, listening and being attentive to process.” Her paintings fuse the undefined element of abstraction while gently leading into hints of realism, ultimately portraying an undeniable sense of order.