Oregon is magnificent in its intense natural beauty.  I spent a lot of time as a child exploring its wild landscapes.  They were haunted places and I was a guest walking through, lighting campfires, laughing and drifting its waters.  It began my romance with natural places that has continued as an adult.  It understands; nature in its complete and pure acceptance of life is where I find the greatest acceptance.  The artworks in the show Haunt reflect some of the recent adventures I have had around Oregon in the last year and my response to it.  Many of the locations are places I have memories of visiting as a child and/or are of places that many of my ancestors would have seen.
All of the paintings were created on the Oregon coast at Cascade Head and around Astoria.  I used a combination of archival drawing and painting materials and tools to create marks that combined together express the experience.

Cynthia Lahti
July 2017