Mutualism: a) the doctrine that mutual dependence is necessary to social
                    b) symbiosis that is beneficial to both organisms involved
This body of work is a discussion of the connectivity between flora and fauna in the natural world and a dialogue on humans and our place in the ecosystem. Nature is interdependent and does not exist in a vacuum, what happens to one species affects another. Species depend on other species for survival. WE humans depend on the natural world for our survival as well; although she does not depend on us.

The use of the grayscale palette in some of the works is used to represent the disappearance of flora and fauna and the vacancies left behind.  The use of human anatomical hearts represents us and how we can use love, appreciation and respect to shift our place in this world.

The complexity of Nature is just beginning to be understood by us humans. We need to stop with the destruction of her for our convenience and civilization and devise new ways, like permaculture, and old ways, like those of Indigenous peoples, to bring back balance between humans and the natural world. We need to stop poisoning her and ourselves. We need to change our farming practices. We need to protect Nature NOW and leave space for her whether it be a corner in your yard or protected forests, prairies and mountains.

The disappearance of species and the species that rely on them has been happening since the industrial revolution, and it is escalating. Cue recent news stories: the insect apocalypse, massive bird die offs, biological annihilation, massive fires, the warming oceans; it’s hard to not get overwhelmed.

I am just one person. This is where I choose to begin, in the familiar, at the farm, in the art.

Kim Hamblin
March 2020