Living Near Water

In 2002 essayist and novelist Brenda Peterson wrote the book Living by Water: True Stories of Nature and Spirit. From her home near the shores of Puget Sound she explores the tidal pull of the misty Pacific Northwest seas and describes the simple rhythms of water. She observes how the indwelling sea life and spirits are shaped by the changing tides and surrounding landscape.

Like Brenda Peterson I find comfort in being surrounded by water. Having grown up in Seattle near Lake Washington, daily views of lakes and bays that reflect the seasons has been a constant joy to me. As an artist I draw inspiration from the watery landscape. Cool blues, greens and greys of water consistently work their way into my paintings.

Everyday spaces and ordinary things such as interiors, streets, and gardens - the places and environments in which people live - are important ongoing themes in my work. I believe that the sacred can be found in the ordinary. Architectural elements play a large role in my paintings, creating a dramatic backdrop for the play of light and shadow.

My studies in Art History have provided me with many influences: Johnanes Vermeer for his genre subject matter and elegant, simple use of color; Edouard Vuillard for his strong sense of design and intimate subject matter; and Richard Diebenkorn for his fluidity between abstraction and the figurative. I am also inspired by the many writings of Madeline L’Engle on making the ordinary sacred.

Lisa Snow Lady