"Silver" by Way of Battle 
At times, the symbolism behind a  piece unfolds before I start. I will sense a groaning, to flesh out a form, while words chart my visual course. Other times, I embrace a posture, feel its weight, and then wait for its meaning to speak as I set my hand to the work. I can see Silver and sense her worth, but her complete cup I don’t understand yet. I paint in hope, by way of faith. I plant the field and expect her fruit to arrive in due season.
Birthing this piece began with a struggle, just as it is a struggle finding words to describe her. She stayed silent while I labored over her layers. I hoped to find meaning in her low leash but her hush remained. She kept cold and tall. A languid kind of lady. Mute.
She holds fast to her convictions, despite her desires, even when they drain all color. 
Mystery veils the truth that is ready to be known, therefore treasure is worth the dig.
I continued to apply silver, to facilitate her movement from the unseen into the seen, that there might be a bounty to glean when she is ripe and ready to be shared.
I can tell you this, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick”. 
It takes faith. It takes faith to render out an image from beginning to end. It takes faith to step out and start the strokes. It takes faith to see her form half finished and believe it's worth the fight to continue pressing in the silence. It takes faith to connect the beginning to the end when you're afraid and don’t feel like you’re enough in the middle. Without faith, it is impossible to finish. Art begins and ends by way of faith. 
So here she stands, despite her tongue-tied tone, holding fast her faith. Waiting, under the weight of a hope unseen whispering inside, “please, this one thing, only believe”.
  First.) Romans 4
 Then.) Song of Solomon 8 
Proverbs 13:12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when desire comes, it is a tree of life.