We are honored to be presenting a solo exhibition for Elise Wagner, Marking Time. This series will include her encaustic work while also combining print making processes expressing the unseen and the inevitable passage of time. Working in encaustic is itself an ancient art form, with origins from the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Wagner’s choice of medium is no accident, the alchemy of the process itself lending to her complex sense of the visual language and subject matter, both looking forward while looking back. Through encaustic, her passion for both science and art has become the perfect vehicle to create dialogue and perhaps a bridge between cartography use within ancient history to the uncharted galaxies beyond that we are seeing with our own eyes today through the use of new imaging technology. Wagner’s work has evolved over the years, a strong sense of maturity and confidence is ever present but what has held constant is her fascination in uncovering the unseen and her constant exploration of materials. This is Wagner’s first solo exhibition in Oregon in five years and her first with Imogen Gallery, made possible by an Oregon Arts Commission Career Opportunity and Ford Family Foundation Grant. Wagner was also the recipient of a second grant, the Artist resilience Award, from the Oregon Arts Commission.